Google Ranking – What Does it Mean?

Google Ranking systems, while still a mystery to many of us, are simply a method for determining where your website fits in the big picture of Internet activity. In simple terms, it’s the “how much” part of the equation. You want Google to think your site is important enough to rank highly. Google ranking is all about determining where your website fits in the “natural” order of web searches, and they do this by judging the amount of “link popularity” your site receives, how many keywords are contained in your meta tags, and even analyzing your back links. It goes without saying that the more authority and credibility your site has, the more likely you are to get ranked fairly high.

So what does this all mean for you? Obviously, if you want to achieve a high Google ranking, you need to work hard on getting good content quality on your website. If you’re not sure what content quality means, Google provides some examples: If you enter a search term such as “dog training”, Google will usually provide you with pages that have actual dog training content, those that are very similar (e.g., you’ll see pages on your website that have the word “training” in the title and a picture of a dog), and those that are completely written by a professional. If you want to achieve a high Google ranking, then make sure you only produce quality content and try to update it regularly, as well as revise it when needed.

Of course, another key to Google ranking is providing a great user experience, which Google clearly does not take into account in their ranking algorithm. So what do you need to do to achieve a good user experience? It sounds simple enough, but many webmasters tend to create the exact opposite of a user-friendly website. To make sure your website achieves good Google ranking, you need to focus on following several rules: