Thought Leadership in Syndication

Syndication is the process of renting the exclusive right to broadcast live television programming and radio shows to multiple national radio stations and television networks, without ever going through a traditional broadcast network. Syndicated programming can be aired on any major or minor satellite channels as well as national cable outlets. This type of broadcasting can be used in a variety of different situations. The most common situation involves a show being broadcast as part of an advertising campaign, or as an after-hours replacement for traditional programming. It can also be used to simply give a local or smaller business or organization the power of national exposure by providing a nationally syndicated radio or television show.

In order to receive syndication for content, a content creator must become a member of a syndicate. A syndicate is made up of members, who work together to decide which content, in their genre of interest, they will air as part of their promotions and which shows they will promote alongside other content. Members are often asked to pay a fee in order to be a part of the syndicate, which helps to guarantee the content creator that his or her marketing dollars will not go to waste, but instead will be effectively applied in making more television content and marketing opportunities for the content creator. A good content syndicate is generally made up of a number of members with varying interests and goals, all working together to market the same content.

Syndication can be a great way to create content for a number of different reasons. Because it can allow a company to reach a wider audience, regardless of geographic location, content syndication offers great advantages for a company that seeks to broaden its reach and increase its exposure. It can also allow a company to reach a larger audience more quickly than the amount of money it would cost to create separate campaigns for television, radio, and print advertisements. The increased amount of television content, radio shows, and movies that can be viewed at the same time will also dramatically increase the visibility of a company or individual’s message. This type of marketing strategy is thought leadership at its finest.